Summer is the perfect time for kids and adults to get outside and play sports. Whether it’s soccer, baseball, biking, or skateboarding, these activities are a lot of fun. But playing sports can lead to a serious dental injury if your kids aren’t prepared.

Let’s talk about why mouthguards are so important and how they can keep your teeth safe.

How Mouthguards Help Prevent Dental Injury

A mouthguard is a special piece of equipment that you wear over your teeth. It is made of soft, flexible material. Mouthguards are designed to protect your teeth, lips, cheeks, and jaw from injuries during sports and recreational activities. They act like a cushion, absorbing the impact if you get hit in the face.

Types of Dental Injuries Without Mouthguards

When you play sports, especially contact sports, there’s always a chance of getting hurt. Mouthguards help protect your teeth and mouth from injuries like:

  • Broken Teeth: Imagine playing a game of soccer. Your child is running fast, and suddenly, they collide with another player. Without a mouthguard, their teeth can hit each other hard and break. A broken tooth can be very painful and may need a filling or even a crown to fix.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth: Knocked-out teeth are one of the most serious injuries. If your child falls off their bike or gets hit with a ball, their tooth can be knocked out completely. If this happens, they should see a dentist right away. But it’s much better to prevent it by requiring them to wear a mouthguard.
  • Cuts and Bruises: The lips, cheeks, and tongue are soft and can get cut easily. Without a mouthguard, a blow to the face can cause painful cuts and bruises inside your kid’s mouth. Mouthguards help prevent these injuries by covering sharp edges of their teeth.
  • Jaw Injuries: A strong hit to the face can cause the jaw to fracture or dislocate. This can be very painful and might require surgery to fix. Mouthguards help by absorbing some of the force, reducing the risk of serious injury.

These injuries can also be expensive to treat. Wearing a mouthguard can prevent most of these problems, keeping kids from painful and traumatic experiences, as well as missing teeth

Types of Mouthguards

There are three main types of mouthguards. Let’s look at each one:

Stock Mouthguards

  • Ready to use right out of the box.
  • Inexpensive but might not fit well.
  • Can be bulky and make it hard to talk or breathe.

Boil-and-Bite Mouthguards

  • Made from thermoplastic material.
  • You soften it in hot water, then bite into it to shape it to your mouth.
  • Better fit than stock mouthguards

Custom-Fitted Mouthguards

  • Made by your dentist.
  • Fit perfectly to your teeth.

Offer the best protection and comfort.

How to Care for Your Mouthguard

Taking good care of your mouthguard helps it last longer and keeps it clean. Here are some tips:

  • Rinse before and after use: Always rinse your mouthguard with cool water before and after you use it.
  • Brush your mouthguard: Use a toothbrush and toothpaste to gently clean your mouthguard.
  • Store it properly: Keep your mouthguard in a sturdy, ventilated container. This helps it stay clean and dry.
  • Avoid hot water: Don’t use hot water to clean your mouthguard, as it can change its shape.

Check for damage: Regularly check your mouthguard for signs of wear and tear. Replace it if it’s damaged.

Fun Summer Sports That Need Mouthguards

Many summer sports and activities can lead to dental injuries if you’re not careful. Here are some activities where it’s especially important to make sure your child wears a mouthguard:

  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Biking
  • Skateboarding
  • Rollerblading
  • Football

Even if the sport doesn’t seem dangerous, accidents can happen anytime. It’s always better to be safe and wear a mouthguard.

Encouraging Kids to Wear Mouthguards

Kids might not always want to wear a mouthguard, but here are some ways to encourage them:

  • Choose fun colors: Let kids pick mouthguards in their favorite colors or designs.
  • Lead by example: If you wear a mouthguard during your activities, kids will see that it’s important.

Talk about safety: Explain to kids why wearing a mouthguard is important for protecting their teeth.

Keep Smiles Safe This Summer

Playing sports and being active is a big part of summer fun. But it’s important to stay safe while enjoying these activities. Wearing a mouthguard is a simple and effective way to protect your teeth from serious injuries.

Ready to protect your smile this summer? Visit Access Dental to get a custom-fitted mouthguard designed just for you. Our dentists will ensure sports dentistry fits perfectly, offering the best protection and comfort. Don’t wait—schedule your appointment today and keep your teeth safe!

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